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From Ideas Hub:

“Over the last few months we’ve been enjoying taking part in work around co-production; thinking about the ‘art of co-production’ and looking for examples of co-production in action. We’ve been thinking about how innovative projects bring people together and reshape how we think about wellbeing in community settings.

Since the times of the ancient Greeks, theatre was a common way for people to gather, to learn about social issues, and even inspire people to tell their own stories and perform them on the stage. Given that there is a slowly developing ‘art of co-production’ it comes as no surprise that arts projects have become a way to co-produce ideas and projects. Theatre companies like Cardboard Citizens, Mind the Gap, and Collective Encounters are leading the way in the UK by opening up the stage to stories from diverse communities and providing workshops and training for the elderly, young, neurodiverse, and marginalised alike. All of these projects use theatre in a collaborative way to produce social change.

When we started looking into these interesting, innovative, and important theatre projects in the UK, the origins for this political and social use of theatre took us to the sunny shores of Brazil and the curious case of revolutionary politician and playwright Augusto Boal.”

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