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Tools for evaluation

Participatory video & most significant change. A useful tool to evaluate certain instances of co-production.



Most Significant Change:

“The Most Significant Change (MSC) technique is a form of participatory monitoring and evaluation. It is participatory because many project stakeholders are involved both in deciding the sorts of change to be recorded and in analysing the data. It is a form of monitoring because it occurs throughout the programme cycle and provides information to help people manage it. MSC contributes to evaluation because it provides data on impact and outcomes which can be used to help assess the performance of the programme as a whole.”

More info here on the ODI website and on the Better Evaluation website with an example of application, also on the What Works NZ website a pros and cons list with additional resources. The MSC manual can be found here (free to download).




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  1. The link for the ODI Website and the bottom direct link don’t seem to work but the Better Evaluation link works

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