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Innovation for Active Communities

Leonard Cheshire will use a £1million loan from Nesta’ Innovate To Save Programme, to develop and scale their IAC project across Wales.

Innovation for Active Communities (IAC – formerly known as Prime Members Club) offers adults receiving direct payments a way to pool their one-to-one support hours. These can then be used against a variety of group-based social activities at varying times of the week, reducing the number of carers needed to support the activities and generating a saving for local authorities.

Innovate to Save helps organisations delivering public services test a new idea that they think will improve services and generate cashable savings.

Leonard Cheshire worked with 35 individuals in Anglesey over seven months to test whether the IAC was an effective way of improving services for disabled people and whether the savings they anticipated could be realised. Evidence gathered from the research and development phase of Innovate to Save allowed the charity to write a business case supporting the application for a loan.

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