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Organisational culture change

If what you’re doing isn’t working ~ a blog post by Seth Godin

Perhaps it’s time to do something else.
Not a new job, or a new city, but perhaps a different story.
A story about possibility and sufficiency. A story about connection and trust. A story about for and with, instead of at or to.
Bootstrapping your way to a new story about the world around you is one of the most difficult things you’ll ever do. Our current story was built piecemeal, over time, the result of vivid interactions and hard-fought lessons.
But if that story isn’t getting you where you need to go, then what’s it for?
It’s entirely possible that the story we tell ourselves all day every day is true and accurate and useful, the very best representation of the world as it actually is.
It’s possible, but vanishingly unlikely.
What if we search for a useful story instead? A story that helps us cause the change we seek to make in the world, and to feel good doing it.
If you can’t solo bootstrap it, get some help to install a new story. It’s worth it.

New thinking around public services using ‘Systems Leadership’

“You start on the basis of a shared ambition, and the outcomes you want to get to. You make sure you harness ideas, energies, talent and expertise from a wide range of people – so you need to work on trust and solid relationships. And you acknowledge that you’re working in a world of uncertainty, so it’s all right to have partial solutions to problems – better to make some headway than none at all.”

Debbie Sorkin, Chief Executive, National Skills Academy for Social Care on TLAP blog

Sustainable Futures Architecture

This architecture underpins the behavioural and cultural change that we are trying to create (in response to Public Sector Reform, reducing finances and embracing and implementing the Well-being of Future Generations Act). Moving from “we used to think this” to “we now have evidence that”.

An Academi Wales resource.

We are collating the information for this section – coming soon! If you have any sources to contribute, please let us know.




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