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Co-production self-evaluation audit tool

Co-production & Involvement Audit: A self-assessment tool for organisations

The Co-production and Involvement Audit is a simple self-assessment tool which helps organisations assess how effective they are at successfully adopting co-productive ways of working. It consists of fifteen action statements, organised in accordance with the ‘five core principles of co-production’, each of which is given a score.

It provides a high-level snapshot of how you are doing, alongside an understanding of what is working, and what needs to be done to keep improving. The Co-production and Involvement Audit’s uses include supporting report writing and formal evaluations, external audits and internal periodic reviews.

Click here to open the pdf in a new tab, or right-click to download.
If you have difficulties reading this on screen, email us for a paper copy to be posted to you, or so we can look for a way to meet your needs.

Alternatively, click here to use the online tool and get your results in a downloadable pdf!

  • We’re developing the co-production and involvement audit tool for citizens and communities, and for academics and researchers. Watch this space!
  • This Co-production and Involvement Audit tool builds on an early version published in the Co-production Catalogue for Wales.



Other co-production audit tools:

See also… The Coproduction Self-Assessment Audit Tool nef (2011) This short self-assessment tool has been designed to help practitioners critically assess how deeply they have developed co-production. The framework encourages self-reflection around 8 principles:

  1. Treating people as assets
  2. Incorporating peoples’ skills and experiences into the design of services
  3. Recognizing and celebrating peoples’ contributions
  4. Sharing responsibility for the delivery of services
  5. Valuing the work everyone contributes to achieve successful outcomes
  6. Creating a culture of give and take between staff and people involved
  7. Enabling people to find ways to support one another
  8. Developing peoples’ networks as a core activity


And: Co-production – how are you doing? A self-reflection tool Inclusion North & Tricia Nicoll Consulting (2011) This tool uses Edgar Cahn’s 4 key principles of co-production and helps practitioners to score their work across the four areas as red, amber or green. Questions are asked to provoke changes towards deeper and more transformative practice of co-production. This is an easy-access, user-friendly resource and works well for self-reflection at multiple levels of an organisation/project. Inclusion North CIC is a not-for-profit organisation. It supports people to make inclusion happen. “The word ‘co-production’ is used a lot. It’s not always clear what people mean when they use it. At Inclusion North, co-production is about services and local people working together to design and deliver services and support. This is about real, genuine partnership. It’s not just asking people what they think. We have made a co-production reflection tool with Tricia Nicoll Consulting. You can use this tool to review and plan how you can make co-production real.”

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  1. Although some of the material is a few years old…it’s still relevant and a great resource.
    Thanks for creating and sharing 🙂

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