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Service design, design thinking and more

Service design

What we mean by services design

These pages on service design are a great place to start.

Various resources

Getting connected to service design includes a bunch of resources and places to find out more:
Also the service design “bible” is:
The Observatory of Public Sector Innovation has a range of service design toolkits.
From service design to systems change
Learn more about the potential of service design with this Medium article.
How to teach service design
Yes, there is a link between service design and Harry Potter. FInd out more in this series of two articles about service design education:
How to teach service design using wands, wizards, owls, and Hogwarts – Part 1
How to teach service design using wands, wizards, owls, and Hogwarts – Part 2

Designing for public services

Check out this practical guide.

Design thinking

What is design thinking?

This video will give you a better idea of what design thinking is all about.

A comprehensive descriptive model
There is a need for a description of DT that is less normative and static and that is specific enough to be able to frame it as a concept, yet flexible enough to allow for variety in its local use. There is also a need for a description that takes account of the various facets of use, so that DT can be seen as a process, or as methods, a toolbox, a mental approach, a culture or a mix thereof. This could mean that researchers studying DT would not have to rely on, for example, the process, which is one of the more common descriptions but which does not capture what goes on in the name of DT in many organizations.
Read the full article from Samuel Tschepe on Medium.
Guide: Practice innovation with design thinking
This re:Work guide includes tools for running a CSI:Lab on design thinking and considering a design sprint.
Learn design thinking
Ideou run a number of courses on this topic and have also published lots of relevant articles.
Design thinking, lean and agile.
Design Thinking is how we explore and solve problems; Lean is our framework for testing our beliefs and learning our way to the right outcomes; Agile is how we adapt to changing conditions with software.
This Medium article explores how these three approaches can work together.
The design thinking process
This Interactive Design Foundation article explores five key stages in this process.

Human centered design

A brief introduction
The Centre for Public Impact has a great one minute read introducing this concept and a full report here.

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